25th Anniversary Celebrations – Report

Posted on 18/08/2013 by Andy

Mannafields’ 25th Anniversary Celebrations marked the occasion with what will be looked back on as an honouring day to the Lord.

We are thankful to all who joined with us in giving thanks to God for His abundant mercies over these past 25 years.

Thanksgiving Service

The thanksgiving and celebrations started at 3pm (Sat 17th Aug ’13). A little earlier for those who were setting up and preparing for the day ahead.

Andrew Briggs, current chairman of the school Board and parent at Mannafields, opened the thanksgiving service by welcoming everyone along. In his introduction he emphasised the difficult path trod by those who commit to Christian Education, though countered this with the fact the difficulties are outweighed by the blessings and privilege it is to serve Christ in the school ministry. It was also highlighted that without God’s hand on the school over these past 25 years, none of the work within the school would have been possible. It is only through His provision that the school continues.

The meeting was then opened in prayer by current Headteacher Gordon Ackerman, after which we praised God by singing two hymns, ‘How Good Is The God We Adore‘ followed by ‘My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness‘.

Mike Taylor, one of the founding trustees and Board members of Mannafields, then read from God’s word, Matthew 7:21-29.

As recognition to our complete dependency on our Father in Heaven for all that happens in Mannafields, John Landon, another one of the original few that set up Mannafields 25 years ago, then gave thanks to God in a special thanksgiving prayer. After John’s prayer we once again praised God by singing ‘Lord For The Years Your Love Has Kept And Guided‘.

It was lovely to have Ali McLachlan from Grace Baptist Partnership Scotland to bring God’s word to us as he then spoke from the text read earlier in the service. He spoke to adults and children alike as he reminded us it is not sufficient just to know who Christ is. We must have a personal relationship with Him through faith. Our salvation is not dependent on what we have done for Christ but rather what He has done for us.

The final hymn was ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness‘ and the meeting was closed in prayer.

Bring’n’Share Meal

After the service a large number of people remained behind to share in fellowship over a cup of tea/coffee and some food as we tucked into the different goodies brought by all. It was a great time for catching up with folks we hadn’t seen for some time, getting to know others we had just met and encouraging each other in the work of Mannafields. It was a relaxed and enjoyable time together. Thank you to all who prepared and provided the food which made it extra special. Thank you also to those who set up the hall for the meal and to those who served the drinks and generally helped things run smoothly.

Family Ceilidh

To close the 25th Anniversary celebrations we enjoyed a family ceilidh. The very young kids just loved running about and sliding on the floor, which, for really young ones, is the obligatory activity when faced with an open dance floor. They were having a ball…even though it was a ceilidh.

The band were excellent (thanks to The Shandoneers). Each dance was explained well by the band leader who was very patient as the adults and children tried to get their heads round the dances. It was really great to see all the children getting into Ceilidh dancing. They were game to join in and enjoy themselves. Near the close of the evening the band even broke into ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mannafields. A nice touch.

All in all the day’s activities went without a hitch and we are really thankful to all who helped make it a day to look back on with fondness when we think of how we marked Mannafields 25th birthday.

Above all we are thankful to God for His Grace an Mercy without which there would be no celebration.