Apple Fun

Posted on 24/11/2013 by lizzie

Picking Apples


On the Tuesday before the October holiday, Mrs Aylett took the Seniors on a trip to a house with a very large apple tree in the garden. We stayed at the house for the afternoon and came back to the school with three big buckets full of some the smallest apples we’d ever seen! I never thought a bucket of apples could be so heavy when it is full of apples.



We had a lot of fun getting pelted by falling apples and eating a few nice juicy ones. When we got back to school the seniors made stewed apples ‘mush’ which tasted brilliant with cinnamon. The whole school loved it and we’ve got half the apples left.



Lisa van Delft, S1




Making Apple Juice


A few weeks ago Mrs Aylett came and made apple juice with us. It was made with the apples that the seniors had picked. Mrs Aylett washed the apples and put them in a juicer. Everyone was given some apple juice to drink. It was delicious.



Kirsty Aylett, P5



The Juniors and Mrs Aylett made apple juice from the apples that the Seniors collected on their trip. We made the apple juice with Mrs Ackerman’s juicer. First we washed the apples then we twisted the stalk round and round to break it. After that we lifted up the lid and pushed the apples in one by one. When all the apples had been juiced we poured the juice into cups and we all had some. It was amazing and fresh. It was the best natural apple juice in the world.



Bethany Davis, P6




Making Apple Cake


On the 30th October at the end of the school day some of the Juniors and Infants helped Mrs Aylett make apple cakes. We all had lots of fun but of course there were rules. ‘Juniors and Seniors were only allowed in the kitchen’. If you were wondering who made the rules – I made them up and Mrs Aylett agreed with them.



I did a lot of things because I was the most responsible child there. I got to peel apples, mix the apples in the pan, add sugar and the others added the other ingredients. Lastly I helped to put the muffins in the oven.



We made too much mixture but the cakes tasted delicious and everyone agreed.



Emma van Delft, P6