November Board Update

Posted on 19/01/2012 by lizzie

Hi Everyone,

At the AGM in November, Inge, Lizzie and I were elected to join Andy and
Marc on the Mannafields Christian Education Association Board. We are
all pleased to be able to serve the school in this way, and as a board,
we’d also like to thank everyone else who puts so much effort into the
life of the school.

We’ve had one board meeting since the AGM, at which the board appointed
me to be MCEA secretary. Accordingly, I will be trying to keep people
more informed about what the board is up to.

At our 5th December meeting, we discussed, amongst other things, the
current financial state of the school and efforts currently under-way to
raise funds and reduce expenditure. Inge has been in touch with some
Dutch organisations and, since the meeting, has helped re-establish
contact with Friends of Mannafields, a Dutch group who have raised funds
for us in the past. We also discussed some options for how we might
improve communication, both between the board and parents and with our
wider supporters, as well as the ongoing efforts to improve the d├ęcor in

As a board, we are also trying to put together applications to some
trust funds and looking at options for events we might put on to raise
the profile of Christ-centred education in general and the school in

Last Friday, we met with some of the people involved with Friends of
Mannafields, as they were in Edinburgh for a conference. We had a very
encouraging time with them, and they are very enthusiastic about what
they can do to raise the profile of Christ-centred education in the
Netherlands, while also raising funds for the school here.

The next board meeting is Tuesday 24th January. If you have any
questions about anything the board is doing, or any suggestions or
concerns that you think the board should discuss, please let me know, or
speak to any of the other board members.

– Andrew Aylett