Christmas Cards

Posted on 12/10/2011 by lizzie

The children have once again been very busy producing artwork which will be transformed into their own unique Christmas cards. We will be using the same company as last year, “Cauliflower Cards”, to professionally print the cards which will be available in good time for Christmas. Gift tags are also available only if the design has been ordered as a card. Samples can be seen in school, but I can assure you they are a good quality. The greeting in the card is “Happy Christmas” and the tags are blank inside.

A pack of 12 cards at A5 (15cm by 10.5cm) with envelopes cost £5.00 per pack
A pack of 12 gift tags at A7 (7.5cm by 5.7cm) with sticky pad on back costs £2.50 per pack

The school will receive a percentage of the sales price from every pack sold. I hope you will agree that this is a great fundraising opportunity and as the name of the artist and our School name will appear on the back of each card this also gives us the chance to share the children’s artwork and publicise the school as well.

Please select which cards you would like to order. The printed designs will look better than my quick photos of them. Please note that you are not restricted to your own child’s card but you can select from any of those shown on the sheet. I would like to encourage you to ask friends and family members to order cards too. This will be a great encouragement to the children as well as benefiting the school finances.

Please complete the order form and return it to school by Tuesday 25th October and no later. A few pointers about the form:

You will be responsible for distributing the cards to your friends and family so make sure their names are clearly entered.
Choose from as many of the designs as you like. Take a new line for each design.
Please return the full cost of the cards with the order.
Tags are only available when a pack of the cards have been ordered

Thank you for your support,

Gordon Ackerman