Day of Prayer and Fasting – Update

Posted on 10/08/2012 by Andy

It was great to see many parents and supporters join us for our day of prayer and fasting.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for the school as we lean upon the Lord for His grace and mercy in our time of financial need.

The prayer began on time at 12pm. A number of teachers, parents and former parents were there to start things off. Mr Ackerman also listed a number of points for prayer on the white board as reminders. With so much time to pray it was good to remember the wider work of the school along with the financial situation we find ourselves in at the moment. The whiteboard list grew as the day went on and more prayer points were added.

At around 1pm the initial prayer session ended to allow some to leave and others to join, and the prayer continued.

Throughout the afternoon and early evening prayer times started and finished as people dropped in when it was convenient.

The final prayer session started around 8pm for the final hour. Again it was great to see a good turn out and commitment to pray.

It is not easy when we hit financial difficulties. Our commitment to prayer is crucial. Thank you also to those who could not make it to the school on the day but still supported us in prayer. We trust God will answer our prayers.

We did receive a few gifts as a result of the prayer day which are very much appreciated. These will go towards the backlog. However we still have a long way to go to before we are safe. Please continue to pray, and if possible, give.

A few of the prayer points added to the whiteboard over the day were as follows:


  • Good health
  • Wisdom as they teach the children each day
  • Blessing while they patiently wait for their pay


  • They would get on well with each other
  • Peace between them and not trouble
  • Saving faith for those who do not yet know the Lord
  • Good attention within the classes
  • Growth spiritually as well as academically


  • Gifts to pay off debt
  • More regular giving to bridge monthly deficit
  • More pupils and therefore more fees
  • Success in applying to Trusts for finance


  • They would grasp the vision of Christian Education for their own children
  • We would be able to share our vision of Christian Education with them
  • They would understand what Christian Education is really all about


  • Blessings as they continue to support the school in prayer and financially

School Board

  • Wisdom as they look at ways to move the school forward
  • Help with fundraising initiatives


  • More help with administration within the school
  • Continued help with the fabric of the school

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but please use this list to pray for different aspects of the work within Mannafields.

And please continue to pray that finance will be found to keep the school from closing.