Financial Emergency

Posted on 07/06/2011 by lizzie

Dear Parents,


As you know, for some time the school has been wrestling with an ever increasing debt owed to the teachers. This debt currently stands at £13,150.

The recent letter that went out to our supporters and friends raised a sum of around £3,400 which allowed us to pay the teachers their full salary for May. As a result the debt did not increase in May.

With the very real threat of the debt continuing to grow over the coming months, the Board believe this level of debt is unsustainable and action is required to limit this liability to both the Teachers and the Association members.
In an attempt to address the debt problem the Board have made the decision to hold an extraordinary meeting in the School on Monday 20th June at 8pm. Please ensure you attend.

This meeting will also be open to all school supporters and friends who will be invited by letter though any voting on the night will only be open to the current Association members. If you require clarification of your level of membership please drop me a note.

At the meeting the Board will be making the following proposal:

Due to the increasing debt owed to the teachers and in an attempt to both limit and honour the debt, we the Association must give formal notice to the teachers with immediate effect.

If by the end of their notice period the whole debt has been cleared and monthly giving has increased by £1,000 we will seek to withdraw their notice with their approval. However we recognise that the teachers are free to seek employment elsewhere or refuse withdrawal of their notice once started.

This is not a decision we take lightly and we are well aware of the uncertainty it creates both for the teachers and for parents.

It is also our intention to open up the opportunity for Parents, Supporters and Friends to pledge a gift or regular giving prior to or on the evening of the meeting. We pray the result of this pledge drive will result in the avoidance of voting on the above proposal at all.

Please consider the above prayerfully and pray that final notice would not be required. It is a trying time for everyone but we must work together if we are going to see this through and, God willing, come out the other side praising God for His intervention. We must all bring it before the Lord now and trust in Him to work out His purpose for the school and for each one of us.

Your servant in Christ

Andy Briggs

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  1. Bernard Bowers
    6 years ago

    How I pray that you will find His way through this valley…
    For the glory of His name and the furtherance of His kingdom in pupils, their families, staff and the community in which you are a light…

    Bernard Bowers