Going Postal

Posted on 18/02/2012 by lizzie

The infant class had a fun and informative trip to Royal Mail’s delivery office at East Telferton.  They followed the mail through the system and saw how it was sorted into “walks” and then ordered into streets and houses.  They had the opportunity to put some mail into the correct pigeon holes and slots as well as sort some parcels.

The children each wrote a letter to themselves and then posted them.  Kirsty and Ewan wrote to their Granny and were able to put their letters in the specific slot to be delivered to her house.

The children all had a great time finding out how our mail gets sorted ready for delivery, and were given some treats to take home too.

“I liked  putting the letters in the pigeon holes.” Hannah Schenk, P1

“I wrote a letter and sent it to Granny.  She will be surprised when she gets it!” Kirsty Aylett, P3