Infant Class Sukkah

Posted on 17/12/2012 by lizzie

As part of learning about God is Provider, the Infant class built a Sukkah in the corner of their classroom.  They invited the parents in and had a “feast” while telling of how God had provided for the Jews.

Abigail: “Our mums and dads came and we got to serve them food. We learned that God provides food”.

Ewan: “I liked the lemon.  It symbolised food and drink. I learned that God creates things”.

Hannah D: “I learned that God said to celebrate that the Israelites escaped from slavery.  I liked the myrtle for beauty”.

Olivia: “I loved the fruit and the leaves.  We built the Sukkah with the leaves”.

Daniel: “I liked the lemons best because sometimes my mummy makes warm water with lemons inside.  I learned that God is provider”.