Infant Trip to Branxton Farm Cottages

Posted on 19/10/2013 by lizzie

Last week the infant class went to visit the home of one of the School families.  We went on a walk to pick blackberries, then made jam from them.

Mrs Davis had made us some lovely soup for lunch and we enjoyed eating our freshly-made jam.

After lunch we explored the garden and Mrs Davis taught us about the trees.  We made books about the different kinds of leaves.


“I liked finding 11 eggs [in the henhouse].  I learned that the trees that lose the leaves are called deciduous but the ones that keep the leaves are called evergreens”. – Abigail

“I liked twisting on the swing where Katie the dog was”.– Olivia

“I loved making the jam.  I learned that some leaves look spiky”.
 – Rosie

“I learned about the tree like the sycamore, the larch and the maple.  I liked the soup”. – Hannah D

“I learned that the leaves that stay on the tree forever are called evergreen and the leaves that don’t stay on forever are called deciduous.  The walk was really cool too”. – Hannah S

“I learned that leaves are interesting.  I liked the tree swing on the walk”.
 – Ethan

“I learned that the leaves on the hedge are called beech.  My favourite thing was eating the jam”. – Grace