January Board Update

Posted on 29/01/2012 by lizzie

Hi Everyone,

The MCEA board held another meeting on Tuesday. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s provision for the school financially,
and if you feel called to be part of that provision, please get in touch
with Marc Surtees.

At the meeting, Marc presented some figures he’d prepared looking into
how our finances might be affected by changing pupil numbers. At
present, we have two full-time-equivalent (FTE) staff. We have 22
pupils and around two-thirds of pupils receive some bursary support. If
all the families were able to pay full fees, or all the bursaries were
fully funded, we’d need 24 pupils to support the school at 2 FTE. We
very deliberately don’t require funding to be in place before we offer
bursaries, and as a result we are under-funded by around 50%.

We are looking at ideas for fund-raising and outreach, including a
sponsored walk, probably in May, a summer fair and a ceilidh. We’re also
working on plans to send information about Christ-centred education and
about Mannafields to each family with pre-school children in churches
around the city, intending to invite them to an open day, probably
around Easter-time.

Alongside the outreach and fund-raising, we also plan, in association
with St. Margaret’s and Friends of Mannafields, to re-decorate the
school over the coming months. The first stage is likely to involve
re-painting the stairwell, and we also have a generous offer of new
curtains for the downstairs classroom.

Mr. Ackerman has plans for several visits from Dutch colleges and, as he
explained in an email earlier in the week, there may be another student
undertaking a placement in the school this spring. Please let Mr.
Ackerman know if you could offer accommodation.

We also noted that, for various reasons, it is exceedingly common for
assembly to be interrupted by children arriving late to school in the
morning. The disruption has become so bad recently that assembly has
been postponed or cancelled, effectively knocking 15 minutes off the
school day. We’re all late sometimes, but please try to be on-time as
often as possible as at the moment, we’re effectively losing around a
week and a half of school time each year — children arriving late
affect the whole school.

Please remember that school term dates are on the website. A new date
for your diaries is Tuesday 5th June, which is the Queen’s Jubilee and
will be a school holiday. Andy will be sending out dates for school
prayer meetings shortly: please try to come along if you can.

The next board meeting is Tuesday 6th March. If you have any questions
about anything the board is doing, or any suggestions or concerns that
you think the board should discuss, please let me know, or speak to any
of the other board members.

– Andrew Aylett