March Board Update

Posted on 17/03/2012 by lizzie

Hi Everyone,

The Mannafields Board met again on the 6th March.

Please pray for the Lord’s provision as we continue to seek funding,
and please also pray for and help in some of the
fund-raising and outreach activities we have planned.

On a differnet note, Marisha, a student from the Netherlands, is
helping in class at the moment. She’s settling in well, and we’re
expecting a visit from her supervisors soon. We have also had visits
from art students who are helping the pupils design and paint a mural
for the playground wall. We still have some morning break-times without
supervision — please let Mr Ackerman know if you could watch the
children in the playground for 15 minutes.

The stairwell has been repainted, as have the walls in the foyer.
Thanks to Eric Scott, who did the work, and to the church, who provided
most of the funding for the paint and who paid Eric for painting the
stairwell. We have plans to continue to do-up the school — Inge’s
family have made new curtains for downstairs, which are currently
awaiting shipping, and we’re hoping to hold a work-party during the
Easter break to freshen up the infant classroom.

Lizzie has sent out information about holding fund-raising coffee
mornings. Please try to run a coffee morning — even if you don’t think
your baking is good enough, I’m sure people will help you! These should
be good opportunities to raise the profile of the school, while raising
much-needed funds.

There will be a school open day and fair on the 28th April, from
2pm-4pm. The open-day is primarily aimed at families with pre-school
children, but we will also be opening the school to the general public
for the fair. We have been in touch with quite a few churches across
the city and will be sending out information packs for families with
pre-school children in the next couple of weeks, inviting them to the
open day.

Finally, I have been asked to distribute a link to
http:// This is a business that raises
money for charity by adding “affiliate codes” to your session when you
visit an online shopping site — they take a percentage then pass the
rest on to your chosen charity. If you sign up, please remember to
choose to support Mannafields.

Please remember the school prayer meeting this Tuesday, the 20th, and
the next board meeting is Tuesday 17th April — if you have any
questions about anything the board is doing, or any suggestions or
concerns that you think the board should discuss, please let me know, or
speak to any of the other board members.

– Andrew