Posted on 22/06/2012 by lizzie

Mannafields has been in its current location for over 17 years, and as such, is showing its age, despite regular maintenance. Therefore the Board decided to embark upon some refurbishments.

First of all, James McInnes built a new gate for the entrance and the intercom system was repaired. Some work was carried out on the playground surface, although much more needs to be done there, when funds are available.

Next, Eric Scott painted the stairwell in new, bright colours. This work was mostly paid for by St Margaret’s Church, who own the building, with Mannafields contributing part. Mr Ackerman spent a lot of effort during the Art Club helping the children to produce life-like art work of animals to decorate the walls. A large tree with all the pupils’ names – current and former – was created for the top of the stairs.

The next project was to replace the curtains in the downstairs classroom with something rather less brown! Inge Van Delft’s mother in the Netherlands generously made us some lovely green curtains and sent them across.

During the Easter holidays the whole School family teamed up and re-painted the Infant classroom. This involved sanding down all the wood panelling before painting on two layers of undercoat and then one of top colour, as well as getting on a rather rickety ladder to paint the walls! The finished results are lovely and have transformed the classroom. The funds for this project were raised by a couple of the parents hosting coffee mornings, which proved an easy and effective method for raising money.

There remains a lot of work to still be done, but most agree that the school is looking a lot better already. We have plans to lay a new floor down in the foyer, develop the out-of-bounds area of the playground with plants, put new curtains in the Infant classroom and paint the downstairs classroom. All of this, of course, will require effort from the School family in terms of time and fund-raising, but we will continue working to provide a better environment for our children to learn.