School Camp 2012

Posted on 23/05/2012 by lizzie

On the 15th – 17th May, the juniors, Mr Ackerman, Mr Taylor, Mrs Kelly and Mrs van Delft went to Stanemuir on camp. Here are some of the reflections from the pupils:


I went to the school camp. We went in a minibus. Only the juniors went on the camping trip. We went to Stanemuir Girl Guide Centre. (Thomas)

My highlights were archery, doing the treasure hunt and climbing Tinto Hill. (Kiara)

My favourite activities were archery, sleeping and Mike’s talks. I loved Mike’s talks because I learnt new things and songs like: Let my Little Light Shine and Making Melodies in my Heart. I also enjoyed hearing the story of Nehemiah. (Emma)

On the first day we did a treasure hunt and we went into an ice-cream shop and I got a chocolate. At the end of the treasure hunt we went to Mote Park and there was a tyre swing and there was a giant puddle. Thomas fell in it and got soaking wet. I also like orienteering because Paul, Bethany and I did the hardest one first and it was so easy! (Luke)

On the first day we went treasure hunting, on the second day we did archery and climbed a mountain. After that we went back to camp. When we got there Mike was making a fire. We had assembly and Mr Ackerman made a fire outside. We had sticks and marshmallows. Ian and I burnt our marshmallows to bits and I had smoke in my face, I didn’t like it. (Cameron)

My favourite part of the camp was climbing the hill. The hill was called Tinto. It was 770m tall. I was the first child up. I’m glad that I was the first child up. I spotted some houses and sat there till everyone got up the hill. (Dani)

The school camp was nice, we had a great time. At night Mike was talking about God and how much he loves us. (Ian) My highlight was archery and the Biggar Museum. The reason why I liked archery was because it was the best activity I have ever played. The Biggar Museum was funny because we tried on costumes. Luke dressed up in chain mail, I put on a hat and Cameron put on a fake beard. (Daniel)

On Wednesday we did archery and then went to Tinto. We walked to the Celtic fort and had lunch there. Then it started spitting and it got really windy. I put my hat, scarf and gloves on. When we started walking I I took it all off again because I got so hot! I made it to the top though (and back down again). Another challenge was getting to sleep. The first night we told funny stories about our siblings and things that happened to us. We slept easier the second night as we were so tired. (Lisa)

The highlights for me were archery, orienteering, the bonfire and the delicious desserts. I liked archery because Paul and I were the best at it. I’m thinking of making it my new sport. I like orienteering because I am really good at map reading. I enjoyed the bonfire because we roasted marshmallows and collected loads of sticks and HUGE branches. The biggest challenge for me was walking up Tinto Hill. Now that was a big hill! At least I wasn’t the last one up the hill. (Jayda)

My overall opinion of the camp was brilliant! The food was tasty, the beds were comfy and the surroundings were beautiful. I wish we could have stayed there for a week. (Lisa)