School Camp

Posted on 22/05/2011 by lizzie

On Tuesday 17th May 2011 the senior and junior class went with Mr Ackerman, Mr Taylor, Johanna Boonstoppel and Ferial Puren to Huntleywood for school camp.Mrs Kelly joined us on Thursday morning. We stayed in a 9 man tent in the Kanes’ garden. we used the Kanes’ house for toilets, showering, assemblies, cooking and eating.

We were given a journal to record all of the things we did, to draw in and to record our quiet times.

After unpacking and having lunch on Tuesday we went to Sir Walter Scott’s house. Lucinda’s view on the trip was:

“I liked the swords, they were awesome and weird. The gift shop was good and the postcards were good.”

For dinner on the first day we had chicken. We had to pluck the chicken. James pulled the guts out. We barbecued the chicken. There was also a shop-bought chicken that you could have if you didn’t want to eat the chicken that we had plucked.

Every day we did a little bit of farming. We all learnt new words and different skills for farming.

On Wednesday the 18th we went to the Trimontium Museum. This was a museum about the Romans and the things that happened around that time period. We then climbed a 404 metre high hill. This was one of the three Eildon Hills. James’ view of the walk was:

“I enjoyed going up the hills but it was hard work.”

After climbing the hill we went shopping in Melrose for half an hour. There was a really good ice-cream shop.

On Thursday the 19th we went horse-riding at Nenthorn Stables. Natasha’s view on horse-riding was:

“Horse riding was really good. My horse almost died, it fell over and hurt its leg so I was upset. Lucinda’s horse hated everyone else’s horse.”

We had to write a glossary of horse-riding terms we had learnt.

I really enjoyed the camp, it was great fun.

By Chloe Briggs, P7