Sports Day 2012

Posted on 20/06/2012 by lizzie

The school Sports Day was a great success, with the whole school family coming together to enjoy and compete!  Here it is from the perspective of two pupils:

On Wednesday the 18th June the whole School took part in a sports day.  We went to Vogrie and all the families came too.

There were different races like the sprint, the three-legged race, the hurdles and the sack race.

We also did circuits: we did javelin, discus, standing jump and the welly throw.

At the end Mrs Kelly gave prizes to the person who had the most points [points were given for places in the races and also for sportsmanship] and I was first and James was second and Grace was third. (Luke, P6)


It was good at sports day because I could see that everybody was having fun. I came 1st in the 400meter girls group and was very pleased but I also enjoyed all the games that I didn’t win in.

My favourite game was the discus because it was like throwing a frisby.

It was nice being outside in the sun all day with my friends and we all had a yummy picnic at lunch time. I enjoyed the sports day and am looking forward to next year’s. (Dani, P4) 


The teams:

3rd Place –

2nd Place –

1st Place –


The highlight of the day, of course, was the Fathers’ race, which was conclusively won by Paul Davis:

Although other parents also got into the spirit of things:

All in all, it was a really fun day out.