Spring Term

Posted on 30/01/2013 by lizzie

Welcome to the new term at Mannafields.

This first half-term of 2013 is just 5 weeks long. The project that we will be studying is God is Lord and King: Good, Righteous and Holy.

This project looks at God’s power in various ways.  Also, His authority and how we respond to it.

In the infant class, we will look at God as Lord over sickness, so we will find out about leprosy and the leprosy mission. We will study the human body and what we need to do to keep it healthy and fit. We will also look at safety at school and school rules.

In the junior class, we will look at God’s Lordship in calling Abraham and his journeying through the desert. We will look at deserts: how they are formed; where they are in the world; and how animals and plants survive in them.

In the senior class we will find out about power: studying energy sources in geography; looking at the development of electricity and the British civil war in history; and learning about electric circuits in science. 


Gordon Ackerman,