Supporters Update Autumn 2017

Posted on 27/09/2017 by lizzie

We have been very busy with the new term and have lots of exciting news!


Changes to Staff Team

We are well into the new term, and settling down after some significant changes to our staffing team.  Mr Ackerman has taken a year’s sabbatical to rest and develop his ministry outside of school.  This has left a large gap at the top of the school, which Mrs Kelly, our Deputy Head (now Acting Head), has stepped into with great enthusiasm and lots of new ideas.  Mrs van Delft has accepted a position as school administrator and teaching assistant, and together they have really made an amazing difference.  They have worked really hard to ensure that our School is keeping up to date with all the lastest requirements from the Inspectorate as well as changing the daily time-table to better benefit our pupils.  Mrs Mortimer continues to be wonderful in the Infant classroom and has gladly embraced the changes; Mr Taylor also comes in when able to hold assembly. Please do pray for them as they have a lot of work to catch up on, as well as keeping up with the demands of the school.  Pray also for Mr Ackerman as he spends this year apart from the school.

We have also welcomed Mrs Schlemmer who comes in to teach Science.  She has given valuable advice from the perspective of how state schools work, as well as interesting and engaging science lessons.

After the October break we will see the arrival of Miss Hodelmoser, a teacher volunteering with Time for God.  She is a qualified teacher so her arrival will free up Mrs Kelly for more of the administrative work that is required to keep the school moving forwards.

We also welcome back Emma Atkin, a former pupiil who is volunteering with us during a year out after completing her degree.  It is wonderful to see how our pupils grow and develop into amazing adults.

You may see that we have a great team at the school – but it is an all-female team!  We believe that it is important for the pupils (boys and girls) to have strong Christian men in their lives, so if you are male and would like to help out in the school in any capacity, we would love to have you.


Changes to School Roll

Last June we said goodbye to six of our pupils as they moved on to new schools. We have had two lovely new P1s join us, as well as another two pupils in other years.  This leaves our already small roll even smaller, so although it means that each pupil gets even better teacher attention, it does bring issues of sustainability and lack of parent volunteers.  Please pray for people’s eyes to be opened to the concept of Christ-centred education so that our school roll may increase.


Changes to Finances

With the decrease in pupil numbers, and as many of our families are low-income, our already strained financial situation is getting worse.  Previously around a third of our income came from school fees – this has decreased this year.  Our Dutch supporters, the Friends of Mannafields, have been faithfully providing us with financial support over the last year; we also have many home-grown supporters who give generously to enable us to conitue to operate.  However, our current levels of income are not sustainable.  Please pray that God would provide for us (as He has done for nearly thirty years!) so that not only can we continue but that we can grow.  If you have any suggestions for how we can increase donations to the school, or would like to host a fundraising event, then please get in touch.


Changes to Events

Usually around this time of year we’d be sending out sponsor forms for our annual sponsored walk.  But this year we have decided to change things around and hold our Open Day in the autumn, close to when parents need to sign up their children for the state schools.  We hope that this change means more parents will be thinking about the choices for their child’s education, and would be more open to hearing about the school.  We also hope this means we will challenge more parents to decide to give their child a Christ-centred education.

This year’s Open Day will be on Saturday 28th October from 1-3pm.  The format will be the same as previous Open Days.  I will attach a flyer which I would be grateful if you could please pass it on to anyone who might be interested, and ask if it may be displayed at your church (if you are local to Edinburgh).

Please pray that the change would work and we would get many new families coming along to see what Mannafields is all about – and that they would be convicted to enroll their children.

Although Mrs Kelly and Mrs van Delft have made a massive difference to the downstairs classroom, there are still many usual maintenance jobs to be done around the school and freshening up of paint.  We will be having a DIY day on Saturday 7th October, from 10.30am.  Many hands make light work, so please, if you are able to give an hour or two (or more!) to help with this then let us know.  The more people we have helping, the more work we can get done.  If you are unable to attend then but would still like to help, then donations towards the cost of paint etc would be gratefully recieved.

Our traditional Christmas Play will be held on Thursday 14th December – more details to follow.


Changes to Prayer

We have decided to change the times of our prayer meetings, as many people struggled to attend.  Now they will be held once a month, in the evening, at various peoples’ homes.  This month’s prayer meeting will be held at the Dalrymples’ on Thursday 28th Sept, from 8pm.  All welcome – it would be lovely to have more than just current parents attending.  If you would like the address, or would like to volunteer to host next month’s meeting, please get in touch.

Prayer points:

  • Staff team
  • Finances
  • Pupil numbers
  • Open Day


Many thanks to you for your coninued support of the school.