This Term’s Project: God is a Faithful Person

Posted on 05/01/2012 by lizzie

God is a Faithful Person


This term we are looking at God as a Faithful Person. We see how God has enabled us to work out these characteristics in family and community relationships. Since God is a triune God He has community within His very nature and has made us to reflect this. We need to see the importance of our community and our friendships and be faithful. God has given us laws and structure within our culture which we must honour as His means of enabling community.

For pupils, the first places that they work out community is in the family and the school, so understanding the rules and the reasons we have them is important. As we focus on developing this in school we appreciate you working alongside us at home.

The infants spend some time looking at who they are as a person and then how they relate to their families. They look at the story of Ruth and her faithfulness and also the early life of Jesus and His family. While looking at their community and people who help us they will also be studying the Post Office.

The juniors take the idea of community wider with looking at Scottish culture and also cultures of the past in looking at the ‘Stone Age’ and the Celts. They will be studying the book, ‘The Boy with the Bronze Axe’ and Skara Brae in Orkney which inspired the story.

Our Senior pupil will be looking at the political and legal structures of community around the world, in the EU and in Britain. In Science when looking at family relationships she will look at marriage, genetics and reproduction. In History she will be looking at the union of parliaments .

Gordon Ackerman, Headteacher